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Product Overview

Here is an overview of our product range:

Waste Control Monitorsimultaneous waste control from four sides
Waste Water Counters ISOMED 2151 and ISOMED 2154used in stationary radio-iodine therapy
Dose Calibrator ISOMED 2010 PC-based measurement of radiopharmaceuticals, radionuclides, incl. RSO- and PET-nuclides
ALMOstationary dose rate monitoring system
Well Counters ISOMED 200 and ISOMED 2100nuclide-specific measurement of gamma-emitting single samples
CoMo mobile contamination monitor
CoMo-170 with 170 cm² large plastic scintillator
CoMo-170 D combined contamination monitor and dose rate meter
Hot Lab Equipment / Radiation Protection not available
HFC Hand-Foot-Clothing contamination monitor
Incorporation Counter ISOMED 2163to check personnel for incorporation
ILP Counter ISOMED 2166Isolated limb perfusion
Probe Counter ISOMED 2101nuclide-specific counters with NaI scintillation detector
Thyroid Uptake Counter ISOMED 2162combination of the Probe Counter ISOMED 2101 with the application-specific software Upt 2000
Stationary Contamination Monitors with 170 cm² large plastic scintillator and alarm thresholds