Probe Counter

Probe Counter ISOMED 2101

Task description

The Probe Counter ISOMED 2101 is the basic version of all nuclide-specific counters with NaI scintillation detector described below.


Product description

The counter operates on a PC-based Windows application with a fast multi-channel analyzer and features automatic dead time and background correction. The menu technology used ensures simple operation. The existing energy calibration allows for easy and quick setting of nuclide-specific isotope windows. Measured value tables can be displayed graphically, energy spectra can be evaluated spectroscopically.

A special menu is used to perform the quality tests required by DIN 6855. The current energy spectrum is displayed in a control window. All measured values can be saved and printed. Network integration is possible. Through combination with application-specific software, the Probe Counter with its basic functions can be upgraded into a Special Counter.

Upon request we will gladly send you a detailed description of the Probe Counter 2101 ISOMED (automatic creation of an e-mail to MED).