ILP Counter

ILP Counter

Task description

Isolated limb perfusion is a special procedure for the treatment of soft tissue tumors in the extremities. The blood circulation of the limb to be treated is temporarily separated from the systemic circulation. The tumor is treated with a cytostatic agent. To reduce the side-effects of this high-dosed chemotherapy, the transfer (leakage) of the cytostatic agent into the general blood circulation can be minimized. Radionuclides such as Tc-99m are used for this leakage control.

The ILP counter is used to check the activity during operation using one or more detectors in order to report a leakage to the surgical oncologist.


Product description

ILP Counter ISOMED 2166 with software LK 2005

HalbleitersondeThe ILP counter consists of a mobile PC system (notebook) with a multichannel analyzer connected via USB interface and a collimated NaI detector or a very small CsI detector with photo diode. This mini detector (picture) can be secured directly on the patient's body. During the operation process, the probe measures the count rate cyclically and displays the measured values graphically. This enables you to quickly detect any leakage of the cytostatic agent and to respond accordingly.

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Upon request we will gladly send you a detailed description of the ILP Counter and the leakage software (automatic creation of an e-mail to MED).