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In nuclear medicine, radioactive materials (radiopharmaceuticals) are used in diagnostics and in therapy. The activity has to be measured at different stages:

  • Measurement in the Dose Calibrator for dosage of the radiopharmaceutical, i.e. before administering it to the patient.
  • After application and accumulation in the target organ, e.g. by means of blood or urine samples or a thyroid uptake with suitable Counters for Nuclear Medicine.
  • When working with unsealed radionuclides, which may also lead to contamination of work areas or personnel. Highly sensitive instruments are used for Contamination Control to make sure this contamination is not spread.
  • In order to define and to control radiation levels at the workplace, in production cell or during transport. For these tasks, we offer mobile and stationary devices for dose and Doserate Monitoring.

In addition to the above mentioned measurement technique, we offer solutions and products in the field of Hot Laboratory Equipment and Radiation Protection.

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